Creativity In Kids

9 05 2010

Mommy & Jayvon spent a fun-filled Saturday morning at WowART Studio. It was such a fun time creating our individual clay masterpieces!

Here’s our final masterpiece…


One interesting thing that I learnt was that creativity in children is at their highest when they are 2 years old! This is the age Jay is at now, and I do see this in his ability to see the quirkiest things, and the details that Mommy and Daddy misses out on.

However, creativity in kids slowly decrease as they grow older, and is at the lowest at 6 years old.

The sad reason? Cos when they get into school, the current school system discourages creativity and free expression.

Let’s really make the effort to instil and encourage creativity in them! Don’t dictate how a tree should be drawn or what colour the pig should be, but allow them to express their creativity and launch forth their imagination!!! 🙂




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11 05 2010
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[…] last Saturday at the WowART Studio art lesson, and he had such a fun time! I know I blogged and blogged about this, but I took so many nice shots I can’t resist posting […]

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